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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 43 - That's because Asian women age better!!!

Some random silly thoughts and maybe someone out there can relate :)

So I was again faced with the questions:
Do you have children???
I hate having to answer that because one question leads to another and 
before I know it I end up spilling the beans.

Nope....I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a young grandma... I've accepted it and gotten used to it.
Truthfully I just worry about making enemies lol!
It's been done before where I'm with a group of gym buddies and 
things were going chummy-chummy until personal questions arise like
children and how old they are. 
(Now I know that's the trick in determining someone's age lol!)
I still try avoiding it as much as possible because of petty women dramas 
Let's face it, 'some' of us women are competitive to some degree especially 
when we get closer to the midlife age hehe.

So because I'm Asian I always get the: "oh it's because she's Asian, they just age better!"

I agree but .... what happens when you're amongst Asians and you come across women
who are younger than you but thinks you're at least 10yrs younger than them?
What do you say then???

It's happened to me so many times and it's a fact that being Asian might be true but..but... but .. Lol!
What am I rambling about anyways??? (must be needing attention lol!)
Who cares if you're 10 yrs younger looking than you are? 
Heck it's not good enough anyways... LOL!!

The funniest part is the hubby who rubs it in by asking: 'how old do you think we are?'
and then brags how we are grandparents lol!
I think it's hilarious but I truly hate it when he does that. < Arggggh>
I just want to run when he does it in front of me.
I suppose I just hate telling my real age cos it's like revealing that you're getting old! 
The worst part is when you run the risk of suddenly becoming the bad guy and getting ignored.

Oh well... Yesterday it happened again! 
One lady whispers in the other's ear and yet I can hear her clearly:
 "that's because she's Asian"
Lol... why the whisper???
It's nothing new!

(Daily Dare: Laugh often, it's cheaper than an anti-aging cream)

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