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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project 219: Day 42 - April Fooled Me!

The only April fool we've been having is the slow transition to Spring 

And instead of feeling vibrantly awake to meet a fresh springy day - I'm sleeping!

April Fools on me!
 I'm suddenly wanting to sleep all day everyday
I lost so much sleep in the past month or so that it's almost as if my body
is playing an April fool's trick on me.

First I almost forgot to go and teach Zumba because whenever I would nap for just a tiny bit, I'm completely lost with the days. 
Not sure if its morning or night.

Thank goodness for the tv show that's on in the background because it gives me an indication of what time it is.
But I've never felt happier about my sleep. 
In finally becoming the Sleeping Beauty that I once used to be lol!
Now if I could just get my youth and beauty back, that would be a dream lol!
Haha... That's another joke of course to think I could ever take back time  but a girl 
can still dream right?

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