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Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 57 -April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Wacky Wednesday 

What a crazy day!
Didnt sleep well for 2 days and probably got in4hrs for the 2 nights.
I finally fell asleep an hour before teaching Zumba class and was 5 mins  late. But it wasn't too bad, students are often late coming into class. It was a great class.

Then I had lunch with hubby and the submarine sandwich was pretty bland and super greasy. I felt pretty gross and couldn't wait to workout and burn whatever I ate.
So at night I has another Zumba class to teach and it was great because I added weights to my class. 

Now what i really want to do is work on trimming my waste down to a size 26 
Is this even possible considering my bone structure?? Not sure but I could at least try. I may not reach that size but a 28 would still be super! Imagine that :)

So ya I'm gonna start incorporating what i call my wacky workouts to reach this goal. 

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