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Monday, April 7, 2014

Project 219: Day 45 - Next time I prefer to just take an apple a day!

Almost late for the appointment at the hospital. I wanted to keep sleeping until hubby
with his hyper tone unpleasantky asking me what tine my appointment was.

I am definitely not a morning person and wanted to just miss my appointment but I has no choice.
I got up and brushed my teeth and hair and left in a flash. 
Late of course.... but hey I made it.

So I got in right away and was surprisingly seen immediately. 
It was quick and a little disappointing because I don't think
he made a proper assessment. He asked me where my pains were
made me lift my arms and move them a certain way then tells me that I had tendonits.
I had hoped that I would get an MRI so that they will know for sure but instead
I have to see a physiotherapist and I'm not exactly happy about it because
I've seen one before and felt it wasn't working.
So anyways that was the highlight of my day.
 But Im glad that I can continue taking my meds because it helps.
I hate meds though and now I'm gearing more towards prevention just so
I don't have to go through this and the drugs.

I guess the apples a day will need to be implemented in order to keep the doctors away. 

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