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Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 59 -April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Good Friday

Today was a Great Friday 

Joe took the day off work and we had a nice day together. 
I still managed to inject 2hrs of gym time for me in the morning while he babysat
ESA for a little bit. 

After lunch we went out to watch Captain America 2 and experienced the VIP Cineplex Scotia Theater!
That was a blast :)
It was comfortable, private and had all the amplified digital sound effects and yes the stuff hubby cares about lol!
But for me, I like the fact that you really felt like a VIP with big comfy seats that has a pull out table
Lots of leg room, and leather chairs that recline. 
The moment you walk into the theater it already has the ambiance of a VIP.
A nice lobby and a resto/lounge. 
The bathrooms were pretty nice as well, it was an individual room with lots of space not stalls

Then we tried out some calamari and sandwiches which was pretty good

And we followed it with a little shopping at DiX30 Shopping complex and walked into
a few stores. I did pretty good and not buy a single thing :)
And ended up at the Broadway Cheesecake and had hot chocolates and cheesecake but didn't like the toblerone cheesecake as much
So NOPE the 2hr workout in the morning wasn't enough!!!
And I forgot I ate so much popcorn too!!

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