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Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 58 - April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

True-North Thursday!
Finding the cure starts with the true source of my pain.

Today I finally had my physiotherapy appointment.
It's both relieving and disappointing

I felt relieved that I was on the road to recovery again and just being there was 
an important step. I was too stubborn to even make the appointment because I
knew I could heal myself. 
I realized that wisdom comes from being teachable, humble and so I had no choice but 
to listen to my body and get additional help.

What disappoints me is that each individual with their profession often contradicts
each other. It just confuses me even more. 
I kind of have my own theory of how my injury started and the pain probably escalated from
the fall in the snow but the physio based her assessment on scientific facts and in my opinion ...
does not really care about my theory of how the pain started.

I think I would know my own body better and so now on I'm gonna 
continue doing some of my own homework and researching an alternative way to heal
myself on top of the physio treatment.

Let's start by moving!
I will continue to exercise ... so yes 1.5 hrs at the gym today was fine!

Plus... I would be better off as I find ways to prevent this tendonits from happening again.
 True source comes from honesty and I am 100% certain that it all starts in my diet and 
I'm sure having body inflammation has a lot to do with it. Let's start there :)

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