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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Project 219: Day163- This is the worst blog year ever!

Its starting to feel like a chore to blog partly because I'm so darn lost lately!
Too many brain cells are just crossing wires that I'm starting to think
I'm going insane!

However there's hope in the horizon!
Just like killing my garden due to neglect and lack of preparation this year
the same goes for my blog! 
However I took care of the matter and I'm healing my garden again!

I am learning or re-learning a lesson in time or self-management. It's not like I didn't know how
to do it.... It's a lack of motivation.

So the questions in my mind for the last month was: 
"how am I suppose to motivate others if I myself cannot be motivated lately?" 

The pondering went on and on and I tried to dig into that left-brain memory storage to see if I can retrieve a file of data that I used to receive from reading all the inspirational/self-help gurus. 

Nothing special popped up except for the fact that I knew for myself that motivation needs motion!
I just had to move it!
I finally picked up the slack and attacked the weeds in my garden. Lol!

So here's today's dilemma...
When opportunities come along and sometimes they come in bundles looking something like a buffet of sushi or favorite delicious seafood... It's hard to decide what to eat. It's easy to say 'eat them all!'
Somehow nature has a way of saying: "don't or you'll pay for it!"

So yup it's hard to make choices that will lead you to that destination when the opportunities all 
appear to be the same at times. 

I'm closing to the end of my project219 and I'm faced with a decision.
So what to do in this case?

Prayer is the first and always my nĂºmero uno solution
However, it's not always answered quickly or directly.
Many times the big guy wants you to keep looking for the answers. 
But you'll always 'feel' it when it's right! 

Key is to look for it.

Today is that day where Im again standing in front of my crossroads.
What else is new :)

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