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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mondays Matter: If you can't be yourself, then good luck trying to be something else!

Ha... that's just me... completely incapable of doing just one thing! 
So instead of fighting it...I DO it!
I just keep doing it and doing it until I get sick of it!

What the heck am I talking about now?

I'm talking about pushing my creativity onto others.
I've gone back to my personal trainer after the cruise and
decided to train again and work on a long overdue project together. 
This time he knows i'm serious!

He noticed that I had actually lost more weight
being away from him surprisingly even after the cruise!
I used to train 3x a week and trimmed down but not as well
as I have doing it alone!

He asked me what I've been doing to lose weight...
What's the SECRET?
I giggled and then put on a serious face and said 'BLOGGING'!

Anyways, that's a whole blog in itself...there's a lot here on this site to complete and i'm finally out of vacation mode so let me take care
of our personal new site first.
Hubby and I decided to work on our personal website together so we can get organized on what we feel is most important. We're happy to share our experiences together.
Here's what we've been working on.
Go ahead and visit then come back here often.
I'm back blogging with much much more!

On Vacaction at the Royal Carribean 'Explorer of the Seas' April 2011

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